SAI Global Auditor Finalist for BRCGS 2020 Award

We are delighted to announce that SAI Global’s Steve Morris is shortlisted to win ‘BRCGS Auditor of the Year’ Individual (Europe) at BRCGS Food Safety Europe 2020 in London on February 12th.

Steve has over 46 years of experience within the meat sector, 10 years in retail, 15 years with the meat and livestock commission, as well as experience in GMP, HACCP and as a qualified trainer.

Joining SAI Global in 1999, Steve is highly popular with clients and frequently praised for his knowledge and experience within BRCGS as well as other standards and schemes.

 “With extensive experience of delivering high standards within a global, fast moving and challenging assurance environment, we are proud to have Steve on board and wish him the best of luck with the BRCGS Award”  

Paul Phyall, SAI Global Managing Director, UK & Ireland Assurance


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