Tips & Techniques to Ensure Meaningful Management Reviews

While a Management Review has been an explicit requirement of all management system standards since their inception, organizations continue to struggle with determining the best method to meet this requirement.

The intent of a management review is to provide the leadership of the organization with an organized process to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s management performance. In far too many organizations management review is treated as a 'check box' to satisfy a requirement of the standard. 

The webinar will discuss techniques your organization can apply to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your management review process to enable your continual improvement efforts.


  • Why all the Attention on Leadership?
  • Why conduct a Review?
  • How frequent should Management Review be conducted?
  • What constitutes a Management Review?
  • Components of an effective successful Management Review
  • Preparing for and Conducting a Management Review
  • Decisions and Results

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