Utilizing the revisions to ISO 19011:2018 to improve the effectiveness of your internal audit process

No matter what business sector your organization services, performing and being audited are part of normal operations. The objective of the overall audit program is to ensure your management system is properly designed and implemented to meet your business needs and any applicable regulatory requirements.

Organizations must ensure their audit program is executed in the most efficient manner possible. Proper planning and execution of the entire audit program, whether it is a supplier, a regulatory compliance audit or internal audits of the management system is critical to maintaining your business.

Carmine Liuzzi will discuss how organizations can utilize the guidance in ISO 19011:2018 to maximize the benefits from the audit process. Topics covered include:

  1. Understanding the effects of risk on the planning and performance of audits and steps to control it
  2. Ensuring the objectives of the audit program are in alignment with the performance objectives of the business
  3. Utilizing the audit process to perform a “health check” of the organization
  4. The audit process as a catalyst for continual improvement

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