SNP Security and ISO 9001 Quality Management certification through SAI Global

SNP Security was established in 1923 and employs approximately 2000 people, operating in Sydney (Head Office), Newcastle (mid and far north coast), Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. It is one of the only full-service security providers in Australia.

Marilyn Pritchard, Manager of Business Improvement at SNP Security, explained the need for a Business Management System to provide a competitive edge and access to major commercial and government contracts.

In the late nineties, the first thing people wanted to know was: Are you certified for Quality Assurance? SNP Security is built on foundations of quality and customer service, and has grown steadily by fostering strong customer relationships and the provision of world-class security solutions. We continually strive to maintain this reputation whilst keeping pace with changing times. We chose SAI Global because the ‘Five Ticks’ is the recognised symbol for quality.

SNP Security


SAI Global is the market leader for Business Management System certification in Australia. They provide audit and certification solutions for a number of Standards and Codes of Practice, including ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OH&S Management Systems and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management.

Certification through SAI Global offers instant and global recognition through the 'Five ticks' StandardsMark™, an independent assurance that the organisation's management system has undergone rigorous audit and testing programs.


It provides improvements across all facets of our business, both operational and administrative, through process measurement, review and auditing.

It is the key to SNP Security's continued expansion and is embraced and supported by all personnel.

SNP Security has consistently achieved double-digit growth, more than double the industry average, for several years.

Ms Pritchard testified to the close working relationship between SNP Security and its SAI Global Account Manager, Edward Shamrakov, who has a good knowledge of SNP Security's business and covers audits for all their sites.

We view the audits as an opportunity for a third party to examine our business and identify areas for continual system improvement. Our SAI auditor works closely with us to achieve this. It’s not just a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Ms Pritchard

By 2006, SNP Security's Head Office, incorporating the Aviation Division, and their Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra (Protective Services Division) sites were all accredited for ISO 9001 Quality Management and the Canberra branch of the Electronic Security Division was certified in October 2008.

Since July 2007, SNP Security has been working to develop high level process maps for its divisions: Aviation, Protective Services (manpower), Electronic Security, Human Resources and Quality, Finance and Administration, Strategy and Development. All documents will be linked to provide a road-map to documentation. At the same time, core processes are being standardised nationally to ensure uniformity across all branches.

SNP Security has also moved from a paper-based system to an electronic system, and by the end of June 2009 the company will be ready to implement electronic document and version control via their Intranet.

SAI Global helps you understand, implement and manage business systems and processes, and comply with the requirements that shape your business world.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of skills. Wherever you are, there is an SAI Global expert close by, ready to focus on your business improvement with proven strategies for success.

SNP Security

Marilyn Pritchard SNP Manager - Business Improvement
SNP Security
Sydney (Head Office) 937-941 Victoria Road West Ryde NSW 2114 Australia Tel 61 2 8762 6666 Fax 61 2 8762 9140

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