Sanitation Essentials to Support your Environmental Monitoring Program

Are you confident that your sanitation program is working effectively? The FDA and USDA continue to offer information about inspections, recalls, and other actions taken by regulatory agencies.

These actions are often in response to sanitation issues. It’s important for the highest level of management to remain committed to the highest level of sanitation in order to avoid pathogen issues – and this includes packaging.

Studies have shown that a considerable percentage of food-borne illness cases can be attributed to poor sanitation, including inadequate personal hygiene and contamination of equipment and/or environments.

This webinar will provide an overview of the sanitation essentials necessary to developing an environmental monitoring program, including:

  • Commitment to sanitation and building maintenance
  • Effective sanitation crew
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Prevention of contamination

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About the Author

Bob Strong

Dr Bob Strong, Industry Leader, SAI Global Assurance, has over 48 years’ experience working in the food industry for companies such as Nestle, The Kroger Company and Steritech. Over 30 years Dr Bob has used this knowledge and experience to help train and consult many clients in both regulatory compliance and achieving GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certification. Dr Bob’s goal is to make client’s food products better and safer so as to work towards decreasing food-borne illnesses outbreaks and deaths due to contaminated foods.

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