Supply Chain Management and the True Cost of Quality

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, organizations across all industries are searching for ways to increase efficiency and control their costs while providing excellent service to their customers.

Understanding the true cost of operations is essential to any organization, however how many organizations are confident this cost is clearly identified, understood and communicated internally?

Quality professionals have understood all too well that operational excellence mandates a clear understanding of the cost of quality or more accurately “the cost of poor quality”.

Equipped with an accurate accounting of the true cost of their business operations, organizations can make informed decisions to ensure they are meeting their strategic objectives and drive continual improvement initiatives.

Our webinar will include discussions on:

  • Contributing factors to the cost of poor quality – Have we identified all the applicable costs and assigned them correctly?
  • Understanding the drivers behind increased costs – Do we have a system capable of collecting the necessary data easily?
  • Implications of “quality issues” on the supply chain – Is the lowest cost supplier the best option?
  • Strategies for communicating and controlling costs – Sharing cost data throughout the organization

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