GFSI Benchmarked Standards

If you’re a food manufacturer, why should you even consider certification to one of the GFSI benchmarked standards? Which program would you pick, or which program should you change to? How do they work, what are the differences, how do we have a successful audit? 

In this white paper we’ll give you some tips for selecting the right standard for your organization.

We’ll talk about the most common GFSI benchmarked standards for food manufacturers and their global presence, to give you an idea of where each of the Certified Program Owners (CPOs) is issuing certificates.

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About the Author

Bob Strong

Dr Bob Strong, Industry Leader, SAI Global Assurance, has over 48 years’ experience working in the food industry for companies such as Nestle, The Kroger Company and Steritech. Over 30 years Dr Bob has used this knowledge and experience to help train and consult many clients in both regulatory compliance and achieving GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certification. Dr Bob’s goal is to make client’s food products better and safer so as to work towards decreasing food-borne illnesses outbreaks and deaths due to contaminated foods.

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